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Does repeated spanking and physical punishment of children lead to mental illness?

According to a study published in the journal Pediatrics, the regressed answer is yes. With respect to the study’s direct conclusion, the Pediatrics article, entitled “Physical Punishment and Mental Disorders: Results from a Nationally Representative US Sample“:

“CONCLUSIONS: Harsh physical punishment in the absence of child maltreatment is associated with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse/dependence, and personality disorders in a general population sample. These findings inform the ongoing debate around the use of physical punishment and provide evidence that harsh physical punishment independent of child maltreatment is related to mental disorders.”

It is not the intent of this blog to question the validity and technical merits of the study and it’s conclusions, as that is the duty of the scientific community at large and the scientific method to reproduce and confirm such conclusions for ultimate acceptance.

Rather, the purpose of this blog is to highlight and digest the popular reaction to these conclusions linking habitual spanking and physical punishment to a significant risk of mental illness including major depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and mania.

Undoubtedly, the issue of physical punishment upon children has long been a contentious topic. Publication of such an article directly linking habitual physical punishment to higher risk of mental illness clearly adds more fuel to the debate. Within this debate, what popular reactive themes are emerging and what, if anything, can these reactions tell us?

For an answer to this question, we turn our attention to a Yahoo! based blog post entitled “Spanking Linked to Mental Illness, Says Study” whose comments have developed a significant sample size from which to glean the following popular themes:

Most popular comments based upon number of replies and the thumbs up/thumbs down bias:

1) 7006 thumbs up/181 thumbs down

I was spanked as a child but only when I earned it and I turned out reasonably well-adjusted. I was spanked, not BEATEN. There’s a world of difference between the two.

301 Replies


Most respondents are generally okay with a “mild” level of physical punishment, especially when the child is not behaving ideally and somehow has “earned” it. Bottom line: When judged acceptable in the eyes of a parent, physical punishment is allowable in this country, but not others. Mental illness is not generally a consideration.
2) 3523 thumbs up/122 thumbs down

Where is the study of how many kids that were never spanked as a child grew up to have disciplinary problems?

169 Replies

Theme/conclusion: A huge majority of respondents agree that not spanking a child may cause unwanted disciplinary problems. Bottom line: Habitual spanking is a better alternative and they therefore permit physical punishment of children.

3) 6148 thumbs up/167 thumbs down

In a related study, children who were given no consequences at all for bad behaviors turned out to be psychopaths, sociopaths, and politicians.

158 Replies

Theme/conclusion: Children who are not spanked go bad. Bottom line: Physical punishment of children is ultimately preferred over no consequences at all…even if the scientific consequences are mental illness, or, going “bad.”4) 2563 thumbs up/76 thumbs down

He who does not discipline their child, does not love them! There are tons of examples of people who don’t discipline their kids and they are outta control..too late in alot of cases. Discipline in love and not anger = well adjusted children.

104 Replies

Theme/conclusion: Spanking “out of love” is okay and is acceptable as long as a parent puts a nice face on it.

Final thought on the reaction analysis regarding the study on spanking and mental illness:

I’m a bit surprised by how firmly entrenched we seem to be as a whole when it comes to the allowance of spanking. After learning that this study even remotely links spanking to mental illness and also that physical punishment of children is actually illegal in other countries should be a challenge to me as a parent and to us all to do our best to use alternative disciplinary methods and minimize physical consequences as a last resort.


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Well everyone. You heard it here first! A glimpse of the new iphone 5 has leaked and the keystrokes of this blog shall reveal the good news!


Aside from the fact that it is invisible, I thought that I would do a speculative pre-review on all the hype and guesswork surrounding the supposed final look and added features of the new iphone 5, which is assumed to debut sometime in the near to not-so-near future.

First, please check out the following brief youtube link….

My initial thought is “Meet the new boss, the same as the old boss”, courtesy of The Who. Now that I got my obligatory Who quote in, the design features look pretty similar to the iphone 4 generation to my lay eyes.

Since the new technological features are speculative, lets do the smart thing and draw our own conclusions based off of people’s submitted comments from the youtube clip…

Conclusion 1) iphone 5 is robotic, will rule the world and can obviously rip people’s faces off.


Exhibit A: “next time you know the iphone turns to a robot”

rexstar4000 4 days ago

Exhibit B:

“Apple is going to rule the world. They’re just gonna keep making these damn things…. An people will continue to buy them; no matter how insignificant the difference. I understand getting one if you don’t already own an iPhone, but when I hear of people “upgrading” for the sake of getting the newest model, I want to rip my own face off.”

skateitblank22222 1 day ago

Conclusion 2: The iphone 5 may actually be able to fornicate.


Exhibit A:

“Ugly? That thing is sexy as f*ck.”

ALLEYESONME530 1 day ago

Exhibit B:

“i like its fantastic -oky can it have sex”

carmenimperial 3 days ago

Conclusion 3: Iphone 5 has a nice ass.


Exhibit A:

“wouldn’t mind if it did look like this, screen should stay the same tho, we dont need big ass phones like that samsung note”

itziandrade 5 days ago

Conclusion 4: Along with being able to fornicate, the iphone 5 clearly has an intense sexual preference.


Exhibit A:

“Iphone is super gay like two gay homos!!!!!!!!!!”

callate1269 5 days ago

Conclusion 5: The iphone 5 contains many lazy, good-for-nothings called “live widgets” that do nothing but eat all day.


Exhibit A:

“Live widgets does nothing but runs your battery out.”

saucyisawesome in reply to Marchels14 (Show the comment) 1 week ago

As you can see from the comments section, aside from being a 4G device, the new iphone 5 has some truly unique new characteristics that should make it quite the grab for the demographic of militant, gay, robotic, ass-loving widget types out there.

I love comments. From now on, this blog will hereby commit to a Top 5 Comment Countdown to throw into the mix. Feel free to forward your own excellent comment on the new iphone 5 upon this blog in order to shed more light on all the “new” features it will be showcasing. Better yet, make your own iphone 5 blog by clicking the starter video banner to the right and get going on your own countdown.

What are you waiting for…the iphone to do it for you?

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If you are not already familiar with it, Yelp can be a very informative and helpful tool in discovering and enjoying the top destinations in each city.

As a social media application, Yelp’s users create profiles and write individual reviews on destinations that they have visited and frequent in each city.

For visitors, passers-by and even within your local hood, Yelp can be like having true local knowledge in any town if used properly. From restaurants and bars to coffee, gas stations, drugstores and hot new businesses, Yelp’s user base can guide you to an excellent local experience without actually knowing a local. Unfortunately, it turns out that it is not always as simple as looking for a place with good reviews. Because of Yelp’s rather open social platform, reviews can and will be inflated artificially with false or biased reviews with the goals of attracting more customers via cheap social marketing.

A good approach to avoiding some of the fluff and getting the best results and experiences out of Yelp is to look at each destination’s reviews relative to the rest in the town.

Simply, it is not always just about the sheer volume of positive reviews for an establishment, but rather the scale of positive reviews compared to its peers within each locale. Since some towns are small and generally off of the ever-expanding grid of Yelp, you will almost definitely be dealing with a very small sample size, but you can still apply the positive relativity approach with a better chance at success.

With mention of this point, take a moment to check out Empower Network’s ever-expanding grid and reach out to your own success as a blog participant by clicking here:   /blog/i-almost-drowned-you-cant-fight-the-current/?id=jstelle  You have nothing to lose and you will learn a lot as all training is provided for you to get up and running with your own blog in an hour or two.

Once you are comfortable with the positive relativity approach in comparing Yelp destinations, the search does not quite stop there.

It is highly recommended that you read through a few of the reviews and even spot check the reviewer to have more confidence in their credibility. Once that you have packaged these review steps, odds are you are well on your way to an excellent, experience that was once reserved for insiders and locals only.

For example, in the typical case of a restaurant search, you will probably look into some of the destinations with the top ratings in both rating level and volume of reviews.  Now apply the relativity approach to see if any of the possibilities weaken a bit. Of course a potential drawback to this approach is that relatively new businesses could be weeded out due to small sample review size, but you can always look in the Yelp Hot New Business section if you are searching for something new and different in your hometown or elsewhere.

By now you are most likely down to two or three candidates which means its time to start scanning/reading a few of the Yelp reviews for each place. Do not forget to spot check some reviewers to get a feel for their credibility. At this point you will have a very good idea of which destination to choose. Also, in the case of restaurants, after reading a few reviews and quick tips you will also have inside info on what the best dishes to order are which is a nice reward for your efforts and always pays off big time on the enjoyment scale.

Although it takes a few minutes, this thorough sifting process will really help you nail down some Yelp destinations while traveling and even in your own home town. In a few minutes, you could be writing your own blog with your own insights on our winning team. Click the side banner and I look forward to reading your insights!

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Sure, diet and nutrition sound synonymous, but I believe they can be viewed as quite different indeed.

To me, dietary intake is basically anything that our body consumes and is generally viewed and counted calorically. Nutrition amounts to the many subcomponents of the diet that our body requires to function and regenerate efficiently. So, by applying the Micro-change nutrition approach as discussed in earlier posts,  it is quite possible to be “dieting well” by reducing caloric intake and dropping a few pounds while also becoming even more deficient on the nutrition front. This could be why “restrictive” shock diets may lead to lower nutrition levels and therefore higher illness and other adverse health effects caused by nutritional deficiency.

Now that nutrition is on our radar of importance, let’s set up a really basic scale to base our intake performance.

Perhaps in an ideal world our body chemistry would be monitored daily, if not constantly, by tests and machines that would tell us Yes, your nutrition is balanced and you are eating healthy! But that just isn’t possible…or is it? Actually, this type of monitoring and testing is naturally happening every day by our own bodies. We just need to open our eyes a bit more than normal and listen to what it is telling us.

Our basic scale will help us decipher what our body is telling us. Low, inadequate, and imporper nutrition intake is expressed by sluggish behavior, and poor skin complexion resembling that of a Sleestack. If you are moving extremely slow and have a craving to eat people, then maybe it is time to commit to making some nutrition micro-changes in order to become human again. With commitment generally comes change and postive movement. Make a positve move with your mouse over to the right and check out the video on how to join our team, log your own thoughts and progress on such matters, and basically begin your own neverending blogging journey. You will not be disappointed!

Within the average range of nutrition intake, we are either on par with our body’s nutrition demands or, more realistically, slightly deficient in many areas but not horribly so. This average range probably depicts most of us most of the time, so it would be hard for us to decipher just what or body is telling us since normal feels, well, normal. Which brings us to the last stage…striving. As a disclaimer, I must say that very rarely have I felt this as very rarely have I ever thought about my nutrition intake. A striving body is unimpaired and moving about with a glow of freedom from hindrance…that could be a strectch but I think you know what I’m getting at. If unattainable, it is still a great goal to reach for.

Which leads us to our last point…how to implement a micro-change strategy to daily nutrition intake.

Unlike slowly cutting things out a la the micro-change diet approach, the micro-change nutrition approach is to slowly substitute and/or supplement better nutrition items for the not-so-goods. My example would be this week I substituted V-8 instead of diet soda for a few of my meals…and I’m lovin it! The V-8 with some pepper appeals to my tastes and the tanginess helps me temporariily forget about my addiction to soda pop fizz.

The best thing is that the gradualness of the micro-change approach allows for me to go back to those sodas as long as a positive change is in place. No crashes, no burnouts, just a commitment to slow progress. I want to read about your micro-change story and your insights by looking into the video to the right and joining our team. I truly believe that you will find the Empower Network a very worthwhile experience on many levels that you will want to share with others.

Best of success for all of your micro-changes!

For more info on nutrition, please refer to and



Image 1 courtesy “Land of the Lost” TV series.

PS Beware of Sleestak! If you agree with the micro-change nutrition approach, please comment and share.




If you are a “couch potato” or just don’t have much time to exercise, then this brand new exercise system is for you!

Due to the unbelievable success and popularity of the Micro-Change Diet (see earlier post), we introduce to you the Micro-Change Exercise System. The Guarantees: If you commit to this system you will…gradually get fit, feel better, lose weight, and probably look better too.

The System – It’s a system based upon small changes within your daily routine that encourage more physical exercise throughout your day. In a nutshell, every week or so commit to one or more new additional physical activities in lieu of your current behavior. As an example, my commitment this week has been to swim more often. I have accomplished this by making a simple change in my daily routine…whenever there was a no show or cancellation of one my swim lessons, I would swim laps instead of just waiting couch potato- style on the pool deck. So far this change is working well…I have had one no show and one cancellation, allowing me to exercise for one hour more than I would have without the System in place. As far as results, my body is already beginning to respond to activity and feel a little better.

Of course your first change does not need to be so drastic with respect to new exercise.

You can focus on the micro part of the micro-change system. Another example of a lesser exercise change would be deciding to walk a bit more on a daily basis. Of course you would have to adlib it as you are doing different activities each day. For instance, when shopping, park further away than normal, park at a higher parking structure level or take an extra lap around the mall or block. Perhaps add in walks with the family or kids…the exercise system is open to creatively commiting to more daily activity. Speaking of creativity and commitment, reading and enjoying this blog offers you an opportunity to commit to your own creative experience on the Empower network…just click the video to the right to look into getting started blogging your thoughts and earning money to boot. You and your viewers will not be dissappointed!

Most importantly, the Micro-Change Exercise System is designed to be gradual, building and additive, so that your body can have time to adjust to the new daily activities.

Of course the ultimate goal is to keep increasing your exercise level within your daily life on a long term and sustainable basis. Probably the strongest points of the system are that the exercise level is gradually increased over time so that not only can the the body adjust and prevent weardown, but also that the gradual building nature will also prevent burn out, which is so common in this day and age of short term fitness fads and quick-hit personal training attempts.

When it’s all said and done, the scope and depth of the system is up to you…perhaps you want to make changes every few days or every couple of weeks…go at your own pace so that burn out is not an issue!  I look forward to hearing from you!

Additional references in your exercise quest are and



Lastly, I am very curious as to all the creative exercise changes you all make, so please share this blog and add them in the comments section or, better yet, make a positive change in your life and begin your own blog on this network.

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